A Reading that Lasts

I started inviting artists into my home six months ago, and as the summer draws to a close, I ask myself the same question as before.  Will my artists connect, and if so, in what way?  What is our thread – and how long does it last?  The probability that these four artists will inspire future work, not only within themselves, but amongst each other, is the food I’m munching on upstairs.


This month I’ll be supporting a mixed bag of poets, performance and fiction. Here’s a quickie look into what’s in store:

MATTHEW SIMMONS is the author of the novella A Jello Horse (Publishing Genius Press 2009). A chapbook called The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge and a story collection called Happy Rock will be published by Keyhole Press in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

CARRIE SEITZINGER has been featured at poetry venues in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Portland, and Seattle since 2003. Her first book, The Dots Don’t Connect, was self-published in 2004. Her poems have appeared in Poor Claudia, Mosaic, Cobalt Poets, and will be forthcoming in Portland Review.

NATASHA MARIN is a conceptual artist and poet. She is a Cave Canem fellow and a grant-funded community arts organizer. Her work has been translated into several languages including American Sign Language and has recently appeared in the Feminist Studies Journal and jubilat.

MUSIC BY CMOR: CMOR is the undiscovered king of the musical genre, ‘UnPop‘… In the past 5 years he has recorded 6 albums of little significance… His songs are full of irony and levity, which make them very difficult to sell… His future plans are to makeover the world…


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