In the Heat of Good Prose

Hello Writers! I just returned from Detroit after a week on the road of writing and installing new work, fresh conversation and more than a few sights to speak of. I’m buckling down in the next two weeks to share these experiences online and of course, with my writing group.

Anastacia Tolbert brings light to the stage on July 17th.

I met my writing group in the three hours that was last month’s PLOP! Literary Series on July 17th. We agreed it happened faster than any of us expected: the instantaneous nod of approval that four women whose lives were upheld by words, story, and strength each found in each other the same thread of intellect, humor and possibility. I hang on that last word – possibility – for flexible schedules, deadlines, and making lives (not just art) happen.

Speaking of amazing, check out this video of last month’s performance.  Graham Isaac, Paul Nelson, Wilson Shook and Anastacia Tolbert all took the stage.

In that mindset, I look toward the August 21st series where I humble myself in the ebb and flow of summer vacation. July reflected the most enthusiastic evening of artistry yet and it showed in the disappearing pie to a room full of writers, musicians, baristas, students and family … captivated by new and familiar performances each presented with the professional looseness that comes from yes, great pie.

And so I think that August may or may not provide us with the same delicious outcome. But what I have learned after these six months is that each artist never fails to challenge themselves and their work: PLOP! is a venue for defining and honing in on your voice. If it’s 15 or 30 people, we make the space intimate. We bring you pie. PLOP! is a conversation.

I hope to see you this month, August 21, 8pm. Tickets are $10. Drinks and pie on the house (open donation). RSVP is encouraged, not required. Contact us for information on directions.

Until then, write, play, and write some more!



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