Fall on Your Knees.

Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means! A new season of pie. All new flavors of artists. Three months of can-you-say-delicious?

It’s been seven months and nearly 30 artists filling the wooden floors of a house that I call home. Without realizing it, I’ve adopted the habit of reading and writing the things beyond my reach. But this year is not about cyborgs or pastiche or poetry. It is about the challenge of matching new stories with engaging spaces – leaving everyone involved trapped in a revolving door of anticipation for what comes next.

Rachel Kessler loves PIE!

In five days I will pick up a pie – the leaves are changing and new flavors are baking – I look forward to something less fruity, more savory – to accompany Sierra Nelson & Rachel Kessler,Janee Baugher for an evening of poetry. Interactive is the key. I WANT TO FEEL POETIC. Don’t read it to me. Let me read with you. Let me be there, in there, as you are.

Janée Baugher reads from her new book, “Coordinates of Yes” this Saturday.

For all the folk music we’ve enjoyed, I’m excited to host a different sound. Jeff Huston will be playing throughout the night with experimental and electronic media work. Primarily laptop based, what I have thus heard is both lighthearted and catchy. Spanish, English, looped and layered, often playing solo and collaborating with the NW improvisation scene, Jeff will be a refreshing twist to the PLOP! music scene.

All said and done, from pie to performance, this fall is looking up!

And let’s not forget our sponsors: Fresh to the pan, 12th & Olive Wine Co. Donating wine for every event!