The Vancouver Sound in the Seattle Underground

I like to believe you are allowed one disaster for each evening.  Each performance, that is.  On Thursday night at ArtXChange Gallery, I arrived half dismantled and an hour late, getting into costume with my make up artist, Michelle Mai Smith, dabbing eye shadow over my lids as I changed vigorously from one dress to another deciding what to wear.  I’m such a woman.  Even worse, I misplaced the three XLR 1/4″ adapters for Sammy Chien, beloved sound artist I’d dragged from Vancouver earlier that month.  “I promise,” I’d told him earlier that week. “You’ll have just what you need.”  And so I did.  I packed my bags and there they were, the adapters, in my pocket or purse or somewhere.  And somewhere is all I knew.  I decided on a dress, the colorful one to be precise, like a rainbow when the storm has cleared.

All disasters aside, the sound came clear as a bell.  Sammy Chien and Anny Lin, straight from Vancouver BC, are top of the line in their craft:  experimental, electronic artists in laptop and violin media and composition.  Sammy, also known for film and multimedia composition, works often with Anny, whose violin is a harmonious, strong and energetic instrument.

This intelligent, sexy, electronic yet soft duo captured the wake of an audience stepping from pavement into gallery with reverberating tones and an off tempo yet naturally improvised flair.  Sammy and Anny work together on a regular basis, collaborating with film, research, choreography, and multimedia performance.

photos (c) Urban Photographic