Risky Business

Love, In Theory
By E.J. Levy

Review by Amanda Mead
October 29, 2012

Author E.J. Levy navigates the topography of intellectual love to an often times troubled affect in the 2012 fiction collection Love, In Theory.  Flannery O’Conner award winner for short fiction, these ten stories measure betrayal, passion, and heartbreak against scholarly “theories” that illuminate what it means to be in a relationship in the information age.

The majority of Levy’s characters are academics: a professor of creative writing at a small town university, a graduate film student relocating from Colorado to Ohio, and a self-proclaimed philosopher who suggests that love is a “messer-upper.”  Despite a deft acquisition of book smarts, these characters are stumped when it comes to love.  If there are ways to explain the physics behind string theory, or constants and variables in a mathematic equation, then what makes deconstructing our most intimate relationships an exception? Continue reading