the review

The PLOP! Review offers critique and commentary on forthcoming non-fiction, literary fiction, translation, and academic research.   We publish reviews, interviews, articles, academic debate, and project commentary as it applies to forthcoming publishing and poetics, language, and advanced research in art/science and performance initiatives.  Informal inquiries are welcome.  Please visit our archives for a full list of all content.

a brief history

PLOP! was founded in 2010 in Seattle, WA, by Josie E. Davis as the PLOP! Literary Series, a monthly event supporting a home like performance atmosphere for award winning and emerging authors to share forthcoming literary work among local audiences and business.

In 2011 PLOP! relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, establishing the PLOP! Literary Series with bi-lingual audiences in the Americas. At the same time we began transitioning away from production toward the publishing market by developing an online review portfolio.

Reviewing books started as a side project, like knitting or eating cheese.  We like books and have since focused on expanding our readership and building a family of contributing publishers, writers, and researchers from around the world.


PLOP! Review does not accept unsolicited submissions.  We currently review queries January – December.  Please contact us with your proposal at plopliteraryseries@gmail.com or jedavis@plopit.org.  You can expect to hear back regarding a query within 1-3 weeks.  We accept a range of subject matter and welcome young adult writers as part of our teen partnership program.  We are not reading submissions of poetry at this time.

Publishers:  please send forthcoming and unpublished review copies to Editing & Reviews, 1363 W. Walton #1R, Chicago, IL 60642, unless otherwise specified by the editor.

Contributing Writers:  Please contact us directly with a brief query including a link to previous writing that reflects your current area of interest, bio of no more than 50 words, and a short statement detailing your specific interest in the review.


Josie E. Davis  

Julie Morse, Amanda Mead, Meredith Bahuriak, Alle C. Hall, Deborah Bacharach, Emily Wojcik, Cara Diaconoff, Gregory Bem


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