What Would Madonna Do?

Madonna & Me: Women Writers On The Queen of Pop
Edited by Laura Barcella

Review by Alle C. Hall
May 21, 2012

Women of the MTV generation will likely remember where we were when Madonna died. I will learn about her death when The New York Times app embedded in my old lady reading glasses pings gently. I will fade out the holograms sent by my grandchildren on Mars, showing me what they learned in pre-school about gender: “What parts you have, what you like to wear, and what you like to play with.” A retrospective will stream: the writhing on the bridal veil, the cone bras, the masturbation that continues as she ages – to a point. Around the time of Obama’s sweeping re-election, she begins aging backward, spiraling closer and closer to her Virgin self, then past it, into a pretty, brown-haired six-year-old with incredible muscles and a fabulously virile 23-year-old boyfriend. Continue reading