Elizabeth Searle Unravels the Mystery of Terrorists and Teenagers in Suburban America

By Josie E. Davis

Imagine your 15 year old son, well behaved but departing – perhaps faster than you expect – into his years of teen rebellion.  Now imagine yourself.  Full time mother and wife, part-time teacher and dedicated member of the local PTA.  Dedicated, as Elizabeth Searle explores in her latest novel, to protecting.

Based on a true story (see video), Girl Held In Home is a thrilling reflection of post 9/11 suburban America, capturing the small encounters which make every day life appear inconsequential. The fourth and most recent novel published by author Elizabeth Searle, the story trails two families and one young girl held hostage in the basement of the neighborhood Muslim “terrorist cell,” as lives are quickly entwined in the days following September 11 with the desire to break free from familial obligation.

What I love about this book is the conviction of Searle’s leading narrators, Maura and Joezy, to achieve their goals.  Searle doesn’t guarantee her characters all they are after, but she offers the reader the same promise she gives her characters – hope. “I did what I could; I’ll do what I can; I did what I could,” remarks Joezy, Searle’s asthma struck super-hero smitten coming of age teen, reflecting upon his own insurmountable attempt at rescuing – and protecting – the one he loves.

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