“In the Time of the Girls” by Anne Germanacos is more than a myth.

By Josie E. Davis

Anne Germanacos is fantastically intentional in her retelling of Greek myth in this debut collection connecting women, girls, husbands, daughters, and lovers in a stunning and well timed blend of prose and poetry vignettes.  In the Time of the Girls is an ambitious and successful translation of myth and metaphor into a bluntly realistic, feminine, and modern urban experience.

Germanacos is a gifted storyteller whose letters within letters are an admirable and compelling challenge to plot and prose form.  From abortion to religious iconography, sexuality and mortality, Germanacos travels beyond the controversial and investigates the heart of what it means to be ‘girl’ while exploring her own life as a woman, wife, and mother living for over thirty years between the Greek Isles and the San Francisco Bay Peninsula. Continue reading